With This Ring


            With This Ring

With this ring

Circa 1955

We share a legacy of love

Over 50 years in the making.

With this ring

We wear a reminder of devotion

An emotion as timeless as the

Beauty of the woman who wears it.

With this ring

We see the great care taken by a man

Who proved his committment many times over

We see the sweetness of years of contentment

We see the significance of  mature love.

With this ring

We recycle a precious past

To be carried proudly into the future

A remembrance to our dear mother and grandmother.

With this ring

We carry their love in our hearts and share it  with our families

We will savor our heritage and recall stories about

The love of  Robert Ralph Heatherly and Ola Jeannine Pharris.

 This spring, my dad, my sister and I recently took great pleasure in designing my mother’s wedding ring set into rings for each of her granddaughters, as well as for my sister and I.  We had the ring appraised, (to which my dad was quite pleased with the quality of the diamond that he had chosen for his bride many years ago.  We then met with the owner at Paramount Jewelry in St. Louis, who rearranged the original diamonds into 5 different new rings.  We wear a dear ladies spirit in our hearts, and now on our fingers.

Donna J. Heatherly Hall

May 2012