Behind The Mask

Behind the mask

My views are unsuppressed

While I do not flaunt my thoughts

Look closer. My opinions are expressed,

if only to myself.

Behind the mask

I flagrantly display

Disgust, distain, annoyance

It is liberating really.

Behind the mask

My face relaxed

Unguarded, unseen.

Shallow breaths indoors become deeper

as I distance myself from the unknown.

Behind the mask

I sigh, I mutter, I curse

Covid fatigue, foolishness, boredom and politics.

Silent screams save my soul from tedium and buffoons.

Behind the mask

My eyes do the talking

Telltale dark circles,

An arched brow, a squint, a scowl,

Or a roll of the eyes.

Pay attention.

Behind the mask

I read others’ body language while I

chose with care which gesture to use to

evoke an emotion, a concept or understanding.

Behind the mask.

Sheltered from suspended virus particles,

Unshackled from senseless arguments of whether to wear it or not

Common sense buoyed by science and consideration of community

Safe from scrutiny, I will sneer at those showing ignorant bravado.

Donna Heatherly

Oct 26, 2020