Hello to the bravado of my newly found voice!

That discontented and discouraged sound simpering deep in my consciousness is now saying goodbye to the fear of speaking the wrong thing… and hello to the courage to speak the truth as I see or feel it.  The beauty and strength of being a woman is our ability to be ever changing in the many stages of our lives. From our youth through our mature years, we are ever interchangeable and able to adapt to what life puts in our paths. Throughout the good, the bad and even in the direst despair, we reach out to our friends, nurture our family and give without bounds to the ones we love the most.

I adore spending time with my family and friends, traveling, consuming great literature, walks in the woods, boating, biking, and writing. I have been published in a couple of online magazines, BrightHub, CrowdSource,  our local newspaper ‘The Progress’, as well as an online newspaper in S. Korea.  The past several years, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to visit my daughter (who taught English in S. Korea),  sunning and sipping the finest rum in Dominica Republic, fishing and hunting (bear) in Ontario. I enjoy trips to the Windy City and the pulse of Minneapolis.  Tooling down roads in the Rapture to the warmth of the Florida Keys or the majesty of the Southwest brings awe around every corner.

I have always loved to read, and one of my earliest school time memories is of the Book Mobile pulling up to my grade school, where the strongest readers could climb aboard and pick out a book of our choice! When I was 13, I was turned on to my first epic novel… ‘ Katherine’ by Anya Seton.  I was mesmerized. That summer was spent reclining precariously on a tall, thick limb in our back yard in Shiloh, book in hand. That tree no longer stands, but my love of the written word will always be here.

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