Cycle of Racism

Unraveling the realism of racism is distressing for me. Raised by my parents to respect all people and to thwart racist thinking has been my moral compass and buoyed a belief that we are all drifting down this muddy river together. However, watching the Ferguson events the past months have made me realize how idealism is not realty. This is about racism but it is not about black versus white. It is about a certain class of people who perpetuate the poor-me mentality and glorify the gansta lifestyle. Watching the glee on the faces of the looters disgusts me. They have no self-respect, so they disrespect others. I am sad for those who have made it their lifework to be activists against racism. I am angry at the low life, small minded fools who don’t understand how their behavior continues to spread hatred and disgust. They want equality?  Well become a self respecting member of the community. The irony is astounding. My grandsons are asking questions. It is a challenge to respond without planting a seed. The cycle will continue thanks to the behaviors of a certain class of people who thrive on division. As long as they continue to play the race card the game will never end.