Limerick To My Dad

Limerick To My Dad

 As a wee lass, there were cuddles, laughter,  and kind words when I was crying.

 There was naught ever a thing in my life time that I needed.

Alas, the Insolence of youth, rolling of eyes, and sounds of sighing.

His sage advice I seldom heeded.

With age and maturity my own offspring were seeded.

Now it is known to all who have known him…

My dad is the finest, without even trying!

Thank you for your constant care and love!

 Donna J. Heatherly


Dad and I Circa 1961.  He grew a beard in honor of the E. St. Louis Centennial… the hat I am wearing is his from the event.

His beard was red, and his hair was blonde, I should add!




I am not a musician (beyond playing the violin several years in my very distant past), I have a huge appreciation for all music, and am a self-proclaimed wordsmith with a huge love of the written word. The lyrics on Nomad evoke strong emotions and I am now a huge fan of this young man, which is why I am sharing my review with my readers!

Logan Anderson has it all.

A freshly unique voice, polished and crisp, incredibly talented musically, and also obviously in technical ability.  No samples, loops, drum machines, keyboards or any other electronic instruments are used in his music, with the exception of an electronic bass guitar. All the sounds are created by the artist using the most unlikely of instruments.

It is rare that a CD comes out in which each track is melodically entertaining, however I feel the each one on Nomad’s are! I gotta tell you how pleased I am with how the vocals change on most every track, and how each song has a different emotion behind the sounds.

If I had to chose only two words to describe this CD I would use

~innocent sophistication~

Here are my favorites….

Free:  I relate to the poetic lyrics. I love listening to rain too! And enjoy listening to the melodic vocals in this. I like the message in this song, keep singing and dreaming on.

Impossitively. I am digging the rhythm. That timing/pause thing going on before it goes into the piano/crescendo is so cool! The layering of sounds/music is sophisticated indeed. Makes me dance each time I hear it.  And what is that noise, fading into, like a flight of insects or something?  So original and I Love It!!

Show and Tell: This puts a tear in my eye and a smile on my face at the SAME TIME!  That NEVER happens for me music these days. (Except for when I heard Mumford & Sons for the first time).  ‘…dusty village mother showed us around… compassion brightened her emotion sound…. with my brothers I would fight all the time, until we learned without pride life was just fine. Show me your happy. Where the smiles come easy. ‘ The sweet innocence in these lyrics makes me so misty and I can see evidence of the love and laughter you were raised with.  Hannah’s beautiful voice harmonizes with you so exceptionally, and I can hear the love in your voices. (Sweets and Honey too). When the guitar softly joins the piano I get goosebumps. Seriously. I will be sharing this song (and CD) with my friends and family.  That is what I get from you!

Sunspot and Nomad: Logan’s musical genius is evident with using Sunspot as a prelude to Nomad, both of which are completely different on an emotional level from the other tracks. Oh my gosh, the thunder and that eeriness about it, is full of mystery. Reminiscent of the music of Enigma. Blows my mind!  First time I listened I was a little creeped out, but now I envision being greeted to eternity. I hear door knocking, mysteriously angelic-like male voices, a heart beating, then an uplifting rhythm. The mystery behind the uncertainty of eternal life.

A Better Life. ‘My eyes are on the loose. Running around and looking for stories to tell. And they look for you. A circuit board of city lights.’  I love the well crafted metaphors.  To the top and to the stars I have no doubt this new artist is heading now.  Way up… Way up… way up!

Donna J Heatherly


The Three R’s; Respect Reduces Racism

Imagine how life for millions of people would benefit from a more tolerable, empathetic, open minded society. If I could snap my fingers and change ONE thing on earth what would it be?

The ONE influential area that is the foundation for global unity is in the sphere of education. All children would be shown kindness, taught proper manners and instructed in household chores at home from the earliest age, instilling in them strong morals for empathy and a desire for self-discipline. In primary grades the schools would include mandatory subjects such as Geography, Culture, World History, Science and World Languages, as well as the tried and true Three R’s: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. As these children matured they would then be challenged with more intellectual topics such as Ethics/Morals, Politics, Theology, Environmental Issues, Psychology, and Social Sciences. I may be dreaming, but by the end of high school these children would have been educated in several languages, and have attained an appreciation of cultures across the globe, gained knowledge of not just the United States government history, but also a clearer understanding of the politics of other countries.

I imagine how better off the world would be without racism of any form; for intolerance of another persons’ religious views and pure evil to come to an end.  Think of it! A world of productive citizens living on this beautiful planet, and all of them free of judgments, jealousies, greed and resentment, which in turn ultimately lead to hate. This idealized society of the world would be bound together, working for the greater good of all of mankind and striving to protect our dear, fragile Earth.

Perhaps with this start, all the varied societies around the world would be more open and accepting of each other’s values, both religiously and politically and have a more meaningful, honest and productive communication with one another.

Awards would be given more for competence in the area of academics, as a motivation to produce great thinkers, rather than placing such high importance on sports. Naturally, in this idealized world, the media would concentrate their efforts on highlighting those events such as academic achievement, discoveries in science and successful charities, rather than placing celebrities on a pedestal. Criminals would not receive more than 10 minutes of airtime, just enough to get the word out. I say make public the names and faces of great thinkers, problem solvers and profound artists on the front pages of magazines and newspapers!

Time would be more well spent on working on solutions for world peace, to end global warming, reducing poverty and advancing efforts to cure fatal diseases, rather than dreaming of ways to make more money to pay for homes that are too large only to impress. People would gain respect in society because of his value in the community via volunteer work, raising generations of moral citizens, etc., rather than the kind of car he drives. Less time would be spent sitting in front of the tube watching reality shows. Think of how bored we would be, watching those sorts of inane television programs, if we were a more intellectual humanity. Of course the Arts and sporting events would be enjoyed with great appreciation and pleasure.   True artistry and phenoms would be regarded with respect and admiration, held in high esteem, but not too loftily.

Imagine if all the people of the world could garner such an education and realize the true purpose of their short existence on Earth.

Donna J. Heatherly

Dead Wood

Under stagnant murky water
Lies an entire unidentifiable tree
Fallen at water’s granite edge.
Absence of motion
Bone-gray and dead.
Ugliness amid teeming algae
Deepens the cruelty.
I ponder this tomb.
My skin crawls.
An organic phenomenon leeches life
From the lifeless
Life is gone while life carries on.