To Be Two

To be two is to be

Completely carefree.

Belly laughs are heard


Fascinated and fun.

Learning concepts and words


Eyes and ears alert

About all things near


Cuddly and kind

Tight body hugs of cheer


Spontaneous smiles

Unprompted, unplanned.


Soft and sweet

Nibbles of neck and feet


Giggly and squirmy

I will hold this innocent age in my heart




(05/03/2017) Silas turns two today!  I want to grasp his sweetness before he goes full-force into the  “terrible two” stage.

Eternal Continuum — Writesandwrongs

Rolling relentlessly. A vigorous flourish of an endless pursuit of churning force. Its sound speaks to us all. What do you hear? Excess ecstasy, hurried excitement to carpe diem? Or are you lulled, hypnotized, your soul shushed and reminded to listen to your inner murmurs. Hear the sound of your heart beating in the waves. From […]

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Eternal Continuum

Rolling relentlessly.
A vigorous flourish of an endless pursuit of churning force. Its sound speaks to us all.

What do you hear?
Excess ecstasy, hurried excitement to carpe diem?
Or are you lulled, hypnotized, your soul shushed and reminded to listen to your inner murmurs.

Hear the sound of your heart beating in the waves.

From where has this water come? Does it encircle the earth brought forth from all the oceans in all of the world.

How many clouds, how many rains, how many thunderstorms does it take to create an ocean?

I don’t know these answers and I never will. But I pray our earth will continue to sustain us with this life source for all the lives to come.


Destin Henderson State Park

Christmas Past


I am greeted with a flood of memories from my past each year as I put up and take down the Christmas tree. I savor the nostalgic ornaments that I have saved, some of them going back to my childhood in the 1960s. A tacky sequined deer, vintage silver babbles. I still have majority of them from the 1980s when my husband and I celebrated our first Christmases. Of course there are the ones that I have savored from my childrens’ past – the ballet slippers that I bought for my infant daughter, and the violinist for her sister to name a few. I carefully place each piece on the tree. Today while taking down the tree I was taken aback when I opened up a box that holds a pair of wooden angels from the 1980s that were purchased in Germany, as well as some porcelain candle holders. The scent that wafted out was overwhelming. It took me a moment to realize it was a scent from my in-laws home and I suddenly began to cry with the thought of all the years that have gone by since I last saw my mother-in law. That, of course, made me think of my mom. The tears continued in full force.
When I feel this way I write.
In recent years I have written notes with dates and a few details about where some of the ornaments came from. These notes are packed away carefully with each ornament with the hope my daughters will appreciate them when I pass them on their care as much as I have through the years.

Save The Polar Bears


  • imageAfter a weekend spent with my grandsons on a trip to the St. Louis zoo my heart is breaking for all animals that will soon be extinct, and especially the polar bear. I have been to the zoo on many occasions in and of course I have enjoyed the levity and laughter while watching the antics of the apes, the entertaining sea lions, I and have been amazed and awed by the beauty of big cats. However, yesterday, sharing our greatest creatures ever to walk this exquisite earth with the three little boys dearest to my heart while knowing that there is a distinct probability that every animal cherished in their favorite books will be extinct in 50 years has saddened my spirit. I was obsessed with animals when I was a child. All animals, large and small, hoofed or padded, ferocious or domestic, I loved them all. I can remember decorating my bedroom with posters of polar bear babies, frolicking sea lions, puppies and kittens as a preteen. My goal my freshman year of high school was to become a veterinarian and I was a member of the veterinarian club. We had field trips to the zoo, where I wanted to work. I would have done any job there, even cleaning the manure, just so that I could be close to the animals. But my sophomore year I started running with a different group of friends and my personality changed. I guess you could say I lost myself somewhat, I stopped listening to my own voice, and instead attempted to become more instep with others. I have had many passions and ideas that I have not followed through on in my life, regretfully. However that is another story in itself.

Looking at a beautiful polar bear laying in the dirt, panting heavily while trying to stay cool, was heart wrenching. He was asleep up against the glass while we all stared at him. I could hear all the usual comments around me, all the usual exclamations about how big his paws were. Or how cute. Children would ask questions like why doesn’t he play. All I could angrily think about was how uncomfortable he seemed. Where was his glacier!? How can he survive in the St. Louis climate in the summertime? And what about the other polar bears in the Arctic who are suffering because of global warming. The only thing separating me from that incredible bear was a 2 inch thick pane of glass and decades of my ignorance. I have let the years of my life swallow up my desire to help animals. In the noisy daily trappings of my daily duties I have forgotten the silent ones. I have guiltily cast aside the Endangered Species list and replaced it with a To Do list. Ironically, that To Do list makes me feel like a caged animal. You know, that proverbial hamster on a wheel in a cage constantly running, doing, going…. nowhere.

Later that night when I tried to fall asleep all I could think of were my grandchildren and how the world is changing so fast, and I wondered how my grandchildren’s children would see their world. Will they grow up to have an appreciation for nature and for all things great and small? Would they have trees to climb in and fresh water to drink? Will there still be animals left on the earth roaming freely in their natural environment?

The next morning, my oldest grandson Dylan, 11, who has always been an insightful boy and is now becoming a deep thinker, shared some of his thoughts about planet earth and its relationship to the universe and solar system, and somehow that led to the conversation of Isis and terrorism. He even told me about ‘Anonymous’ that group of activists/hacktivists. While I have heard about that group, he knew more about it than I did! We shared our sadness about the near extinction of some of the animals that we saw at the zoo. His soulful brown eyes told me how upsetting it is for him. Dylan is my nature boy, my creative grandson who looks at the world and constantly reminds me about the importance of kindness, peace and understanding others He wanted me to watch some of his favorite YouTube videos with him. He immediately pulled up Prince Ea’s powerful political and important philosophies Regarding saving the earth and animals. I was in near tears while watching this incredible man espouse his opinions regarding these issues on which I used to have so much more passion about.  I need to rectify that.




I am not a musician (beyond playing the violin several years in my very distant past), I have a huge appreciation for all music, and am a self-proclaimed wordsmith with a huge love of the written word. The lyrics on Nomad evoke strong emotions and I am now a huge fan of this young man, which is why I am sharing my review with my readers!

Logan Anderson has it all.

A freshly unique voice, polished and crisp, incredibly talented musically, and also obviously in technical ability.  No samples, loops, drum machines, keyboards or any other electronic instruments are used in his music, with the exception of an electronic bass guitar. All the sounds are created by the artist using the most unlikely of instruments.

It is rare that a CD comes out in which each track is melodically entertaining, however I feel the each one on Nomad’s are! I…

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Cycle of Racism

Unraveling the realism of racism is distressing for me. Raised by my parents to respect all people and to thwart racist thinking has been my moral compass and buoyed a belief that we are all drifting down this muddy river together. However, watching the Ferguson events the past months have made me realize how idealism is not realty. This is about racism but it is not about black versus white. It is about a certain class of people who perpetuate the poor-me mentality and glorify the gansta lifestyle. Watching the glee on the faces of the looters disgusts me. They have no self-respect, so they disrespect others. I am sad for those who have made it their lifework to be activists against racism. I am angry at the low life, small minded fools who don’t understand how their behavior continues to spread hatred and disgust. They want equality?  Well become a self respecting member of the community. The irony is astounding. My grandsons are asking questions. It is a challenge to respond without planting a seed. The cycle will continue thanks to the behaviors of a certain class of people who thrive on division. As long as they continue to play the race card the game will never end.

Double Digits

Dylan is Double Digits!
At this milestone birthday I want to wish for you a huge birthday wish for many, many, many more happy days in your childhood.  You are 10!! Ten seems like you are growing up so fast, but I am here to remind us all that you are STILL a young boy. That is GREAT!!!.

You still have so much more of your childhood left Dylan so enjoy playing with all your friends. Enjoy all the silly goofing off and clowning around that only a child can get away with! Enjoy make-believe and pretending!  Enjoy digging in the dirt and exploring.  Enjoy your Army men and Minecraft.  You have a great life and are surrounded by love which is reflected in the goodness of your heart and the sweetness of your personality.

I will enjoy introducing you to more and more of the world (and books) and answering your inquisitive questions. I am so proud of the capacity of your brain inside that cranium of yours Dylan!  Like a sponge it soaks up so much every day, continually learning.  Enjoy all that!  Never stop observing the world, thinking and asking questions.

Do NOT worry about anything.  You are 10!  You are bright and smart!  You know what your job is!  Listening at school. Being polite to others. Looking both ways when crossing roads. Taking care of a few chores at home.  Eating healthy and getting exercise every day to keep your body and brain strong and happy.

It is hard for me to express with words… but your first 10 years have spread so much laughter, love and joy to your entire family!  When I think of you, it is always brings a smile to my face and it always brings a fierce feeling of pride and protection. I love everything about you Dylan.

Love, love,
Your #1 Fan, Grandma.

D.J. Heatherly


dylan 10