Under Attack

>Under Attack
D. J. Hall (April 2007)

Sense of self-expression, thoughts and ideas.
Picked apart, scoffed at, rejected.
She allows herself to be neglected.
Their conversation turns to debate.
A simple question raises provocation.
Divorced, displanted.
New man. Strange love
Now taken for granted.
Her life made a mockery, daily rebuke feels like puke.
She knows keeping her down raises him up.
Children grown and away. Now time to play.Accept no longer this mourning, this hunger.

Past Tension

            Past Tension

                          D.J. Hall 


The Past is a root that spreads, swelling between us.

A source for constant state of upheaval.

Mistakes, deception and cruelty are a sickness.

The smallest faults expand, proliferate.

The Past is unwilling to forgive or obliterate.


Two souls of different spirit, psyche, strength.

Attempt to move forward together

Continual to struggle.

Where is my spine? Where is his heart?


His thoughts are so deep

They are drowning me.

His philosophy is so stoic

It smothers me.

His systematized style is so uptight

It stifles me.


He says

I should be more

Frugal. Fluent.

Intellectual. Prudent.

He says

I should be less

Generous. Scattered.

Passionate. Stupid.


Instead, I am

Confused. Convictionless.

Uncertain. Unwilling

To change.


The Past, in its wary way,

Is a destroyer of destiny.

Creating dreams only to be demolished.

Our Past eliminates Our Future.